UKRENERGY EXPORT Ltd is established and operating under the laws of Ukraine. We are exporting biofuel – wood pellets of Ukrainian production. Our main market is the European Union. We ship our product by land and by railroad. UKRENERGY EXPORT Ltd forms a network of dealers to sell its products in the European Union. UKRENERGY EXPORT Ltd is looking for business partners that would supply the equipment for combustion of pellets (boilers), followed by the warranty and post warranty service.

What are pellets

Pellets are a biofuel made out of wood. Each pellet has cylindrical shape. Wood pellets are used for heating buildings by burning in pellet boilers, furnaces, fireplaces and solid fuel boilers.

Pellets are made out of renewable natural source – wood. Combustion of one ton of pellets releases approximately 4000 kW/h of heat. It is equivalent to combustion of 1.6 tones of wood, 480 m3 of natural gas, 500 liters of diesel or 700 liters of oil fuel.

At the same time wood pellets are much more environmentally friendly than traditional fuels:
- it emits 10-50 times less of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere;
- it produces 15-20 times less of ash comparing to coal.

During the combustion pellets emit less CO2 than it was absorbed by the tree during its growth.

Advantages of pellets

Because of the low level of humidity pellets have greater calorific value (up to 18 MJ/kg). When calculating the price of product according to the quantity of heat produced (and not to the price per ton) pellets have a distinct advantage. Due to the regular shape, small size and homogeneity pellets can be loaded and unloaded to combustion chamber automatically.

UKRENERGY EXPORT Ltd. offers for the delivery the following goods:

1. Goods: piletty fuel granulated, which are produced from coniferous wood in Ukraine;

2. The delivery is realized by the automobiles’ norms or by railroad;

3. Product quality indicators:



Moisture content (W)
8 +/- 1%
Ash (Ac)
А1: 0,55 +/- 0,1%
А2: 0,75 +/- 0,1%
Heat of combustion (Qph), min
16,911 MJ/kg
4039,12 kcal
4,7 kWh
Diameter, d

If you are interested in our offer, please send your request to calculate the price of certain conditions of shipment and payment.